WELCOME to our NEW BLOG!  We have a website:  organicteabykate.com and can be found on ETSY  as OTEABYKATE.  TWITTER US as well at ORGANICTEABYKAT. And of course, we are on FACEBOOK.  Check our the “Headless mom has tea and cookies in west virginia” video!  I thought the camera was taking a full view of me while camping in West Virginia.  Turns out I recorded a comedy instead of a documentary!

I have been growing organic gardens since the 1970’s.  My main interest has been herbs for use in cooking and teas.  I blend my own organic herbs with certified organic herbs to create my Herbal Tea.  All my blends are my own recipes.  Each bag is generously portioned to make 4 cups of tea per bag.  The flavors and aromas are a treat for the senses!
My Farmers Market customers tell me the quality and flavor surpass any Herbal Tea they have ever tried!  Try some today!  I think I hear my tea kettle whistle(:
Now that I have a nice steaming cup of Organic Herbal Lemon Mint, I can continue. I have always been a gardener since my grandmother taught me to gather seeds for the following year when I was 10 years old.  I love the outdoors.  I have never used chemicals or pesticides in my gardens, because I have always believed that what goes into the plant goes into the body.  Science has since proven my young instincts from over 40 years ago.
Many herbal tea blends are created for their medicinal and health properties.  I create herbal tea blends that taste and smell awesome, and have the added health benefits as well.  I want a cup of herbal tea that provides a sensory experience like no other herbal tea.  So for years, I have been blending my own, taste testing, blending, etc. until a particular flavor and smell and taste were just right!
My friends and family urged me to start selling my Organic Herbal Teas at the local Farmers Market.  What a success that has been!  It is great to hear back from so many of my customers how surprised they were with the freshness, quality, quantity and just downright wonderful flavor of my herbal teas.  Some of them are using the same bag for six cups of tea!  Wow!
So, I am now branching out here on ETSY to offer a larger audience a chance to enjoy my Organic Herbal Teas.
Just a short note about my ingredients.  I grow organically most of the herbs that I use in my blends.  I am in the process of becoming a Certified Organic Grower with the USDA.  Anyone who has ever done this knows it takes a lot of paperwork and about five years to accomplish.  The herbs and fruits that I do not grow myself, I purchase from a Certified Organic Fair Trade wholesaler.  It is important to me to support Fair Trade products that are Certified Organic.
I hope that you decide to try our herbal teas.  I think you will find them to be a whole new experience with Herbal Tea.

Kate from Organic Tea by Kate


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